Why Uber Sucks

I hate driving for Uber.

Not so much because of the lies they tell before you sign up about how much money you will make. Not even because of their
douchebag logic that you will somehow make more money by earning less per ride after their fare cuts. I hate Uber because of the
minority of a**hole/bitch riders.

One bitch said “umm, is there any water in this vehicle?”

Yes, I believe that there is some in the car’s radiator. It is mixed with the refrigerant ethylene glycol, which is highly toxic
and may cause instant death if swallowed. Shall I try to get some out for you?”

Yeah, I really am a free mobile 7-Eleven. Free water, snacks and treats, my ass. Do I go into a 7-Eleven and say to the clerk that
I want a free bottle of water and gum and, oh yeah, when you’ve done that you can drive me downtown in exchange for $2.40?

No, I do not. I’m not like other Uber drivers out there who gives out water for 5 stars rating.


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